Friday, August 14, 2009

Stop, Think, Go!

These days patience seems to have become a rarity. Most people seem to be always in a hurry to get somewhere. Traffic lights have come up all over the city and I suppose they were put up with the good intention of regulating the huge number of vehicles. But whether they serve their purpose is a difficult question!
No sooner does the light turn orange than all the vehicles begin to move forward as one. Drivers all around relentlessly honk at any law abiding citizen who happens to be dutifully waiting for the light to turn green before edging forward. At times, mercifully, the presence of a traffic constable deters the eager ones.
Things are no different if you travel by bus. The driver seems to be in a rush to get wherever it is he has to go and it’s of no consequence to him whether you have boarded or alighted. He revs up the engine before you can even get one foot aboard or off!
In case you thought the lack of patience was evident only in the case of vehicles and their drivers, think again.

Take the example of any of the local ATMs. The poster right beside the door clearly states in different languages that people should not go inside the booth in groups. Basic etiquette and security reasons demand that the person inside be allowed his privacy. But who has the time to read or even wait for someone to finish their transaction. Before you can get your card back, the person who was right behind you barges in and the guard outside simply keeps looking!!

You come outside only to find that that same person has parked his car haphazardly, right behind yours, without a thought that you may need to leave before he does And these are supposed to be the ‘well-educated’, ‘cultured’, members of society.

Whether you are walking down the street, at a cinema hall or waiting for an auto, there always seems to be a person nearby who is in such a hurry that he doesn’t even bother to apologize for brushing against you or for stepping on your toes. Wish I knew where everyone was going in such a big rush!

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  1. Fantastic post and I completely agree with you. The lack of civic sense in our nation is so appalling and frustrating.


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